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The Anxious-preneur


If you think that having anxiety and running a business don’t go together - think again! 


I can show you how!

Managing your anxiety alongside starting or running your business really can be done.

Victoria Browne - Multi Award-winning Therapist & Coach


Anxiety doesn’t define you... AND
I like to break the rules!

Like you I have anxiety, like you, I once wanted to run a business - over the last 15 years, I have ran several successful businesses and now run two alongside managing my anxiety! This year I decided that my years of experience as a therapist and coach specialising in trauma and anxiety could be put to good use to help others find that balance to create the lifestyle business that they dream of. 


So if you want to... 

  • Learn to manage your anxiety alongside running a business

  • Break down the barriers to getting started or stuck in 

  • Tackle the anxieties that prevent you from moving forward 

  • Leave behind the fears of success or failure. 

  • Or just need an emergency session to break through a hurdle 

I'm your gal to talk to!!

You don’t have to struggle and try to do it alone

I can support you along the way! 

My Why

Feedback & Testimonials

 I can honestly say after a lifetime of trauma, a complete sense of abandonment, repeated negativity and self-sabotage with Victoria’s help I’m starting to feel like me again. The blend of verifiable therapy is key to unravelling the individual nature of each of our problems and having been around the block trying all the shop doors, finally, I’ve tapped into a goldmine. Bless you 💓


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