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So often we know within ourselves that something isn’t right but we are unable to identify what is wrong or we are too lost to instigate the change we need. 

This is often because we are accepting labels, beliefs or living lives that aren’t aligned with who we are and we end up worlds away from where we wanted to be. 

Step Into Your Light and Truth helps you take that step emotionally, spiritually and physically out of despair to where you need to be. 

As a therapist qualified in over 17 mind, body and soul methods, I use my 15 years’ experience to walk with you to discover what is at the centre of you and rediscover your core truth before giving you the tools and support to lead your best life and step into the Light and Truth of who you truly want to be.

A specialist in use and relationship disorders with alcohol and food Victoria works to create new habits, boundaries and emotions with clients who are ready to make changes to their actions, thoughts and behaviours.

Victoria also offers services to supporters and family of those with alcohol and food use disorders present and historical to help them to move forward in life to setting more positive boundaries & relationships with people and experiences. 

Change happens a bit at a time  So take the first step today! 

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