Meet Me

Hi, There I'm Victoria wife, mother, keen traveler, therapist coach and senior travel agent! 


So often we know within ourselves that something isn’t right but we are unable to identify what is wrong,  we are too lost to instigate the change we need.

This is often because we have got used to accepting labels, beliefs or living lives that are focused on the past instead of looking to the present and future.

I create change for real-life everyday businesswomen, mums who have been surviving and not quite thriving.


You've got to a level but habits, behaviours or patterns of thinking are now holding you back from getting to the next stage. 


Don't let them everything is a pattern that is changeable and we can sort it out from emotional blockages, past traumas, and addictions  I have helped women to change their thinking behaviour, actions and patterns to set them on the path they know is where they can achieve the next stage they want to be at in their lives. As an anxiety sufferer I know how hard it can be to move forward and balance business and worry that is really more than worry it is a problem quite unique! I like to work in a collective and collaborative way. 

I take on a limited number of clients each year because I balance this business with my passion as a travel advisor. Please reach out for an informal chat to see if I can help you :)