Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistics Programming  

Change is achieved by taking the first step forward, with hypnosis you can change many aspects of your life in a short space of time very easily.


I am a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Supervisor Specializing in women and children.

Whatever your needs I offer a no obligation free consultation to discuss fully how hypnosis may help you.


During hypnosis, information bypasses the conscious and enters straight into the subconscious this is why we can often modify existing fears, thoughts, and behaviours.


Through hypnosis sessions, we can effectively change/alter our emotions, habits and behaviours creating new or more positive ones.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for taking control and making changes in our lives, the results are usually very fast and effective in comparison with many other therapies.

Hypnotherapy can help to deal with negative behaviours, feelings and alter things we wish to change. The possibilities of hypnosis are endless weight loss, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, exam nerves, irritable bowel syndrome, hypnosis for pregnancy and birth, fear and phobias and much much more!!

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