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Authenticity & Aligned Self

In recent times it has become more important than ever to genuinely connect with people. We are no longer restricted from being in a local area or arena with people with whom we may or may not genuinely connect with. We are able with little effort to strike up collaboration, connections, and friendships across countries and time zones with the click of a few buttons.

I don't know about you but I find it so liberating, exciting and have made some connections that are so much more soulfully aligned this way.

After a session with a client in Canada today it got me thinking about authenticity, about connecting with and attracting people into your life whom you are genuinely aligned with.

I believe that this is so important but equally I am marvelled at how it liberates you to offer your self and services from a place of inner and universal guidance and connection.

When you look up authenticity after a few clicks you will find it is described as being genuine.

I like to think that I am a genuine person but I am also not a liar so I will confess that there are certain situations and times in my life where I have found myself being less than authentic/genuine to fit in with what was expected of me or the accepted 'norm' of a social or professional environment that I have been in.

I have actively sought to change this throughout the course of my business and career and in doing so it has changed me emotionally, physically, and spiritually to such a positive extent that I now actively only engage in situations in a genuine way (even if I don't feel that I genuinely would choose to be in that situation).

You see your experience also changes what you are willing to put out into the either too meaning for me now that if I am not operating from a place of absolute me then I don't enter into that arena or take part in that activity!

Once upon a time, I would have done so and I would have operated from a place of fear and lack thinking, now I choose based upon how aligned I am with the activity that I am taking part in and the people whom it is with.

I guess the point of this blog is to get you thinking about the areas in your life where you can operate as your most authentic self.

What does that feel like?

What are the experiences that you have when you are coming from that point and then start to think about the opposite of that and where you experience the feeling of having to try to be someone else or behave in a way that conforms to other people's ideals.

If you allow yourself to sit and even imagining the two experiences I am guessing like for me one of them will feel restrictive and one expansive in its energy.

I know that when energy is expansive it is also more free-flowing, natural, and harmonious in what it brings back to us in our experience, thought patterns, habits, and lives in general.

To change the way you think, feel, and behave you must change the experiences that you are having and taking part in. This is a simple and easy to implement activity that creates a wealth of difference in your attitude and results.

In order to receive back the energy, you wish to from people, places, situations, and the universe you must be mindful of what you are putting out there and where you are allowing your energy (self) to spend time.

I know that if you are reading this you are someone with high regard for yourself and you probably care about people and not hurting anyone so you try to satisfy others sometimes at a cost to yourself, I also know that this is a practice that you should seek to reduce should you wish to increase your pleasure, natural energy and satisfaction of your social and career interactions.

Thank you for being here reading my blog do reach out and connect to share your thoughts! Blessings

Victoria x

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