• Victoria Browne

Here's what no one tells you about a motivational mindset!

Mindset is nothing without action!

Mahatma Gandhi has the saying,

"Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

which is so very true!

Sometimes in life you have to create your thoughts and take actions from them. Your mind is there to work for you and therefore in life we often let it slip into auto drive.

While sometimes there is nothing wrong with this it doesn't always serve us in the way that we expect it to. At it's primal level our brain is designed to protect us and often part of this is finding the road well travelled and known, accepting the beliefs well versed to get to the destination of least resistance.

This isn't entirely bad but it can keep you in your comfort zone at a level that you want to push beyond! So you have to take control of your motivational mindset is nothing without pushing it and making it work for you to step up and take action!

I hear people who tell me they are creating a positive mindset and using affirmations every day to seek change I am all for this it works!!! But it doesn't work if you don't take actions.

You have to sometimes leap and take a step forward even before you have fully accepted the motivation or mindset behind it and that is the thing that I feel people don't tell you behind motivational mindset .

Mindset is key, it can come before, between and alongside action but without action mindset is just thoughts!

While eventually yes your thoughts become part of your destiny, your action and a positive mindset is undoubtedly a benefit in life it is the action and the stepping into your light and stretching yourself that determines the results that you get and when you get them!

Until next time lovelies don't forget to Step into your Light

Much Love Victoria

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