• Victoria Browne

Life Changes! Use it as a golden ticket to reinvent yourself!

When life changes you have two choices; you can use it as an opportunity to change too or, you can watch it go by!

Life changes and sometimes it comes from out of the blue and hits you like a ton of bricks!  

Sometimes things change gradually and we get swept along with the flow. 

It’s usually the times where we feel the rug has been pulled from underneath us though that give us the biggest head spin.


Having been in this situation and worked with many women who also have I know how utterly terrifying it can be when your life changes and you get caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

What does a rabbit in the headlights do? 

We all know that the rabbit in the headlights just stays there the fear of what is coming and what has the potential to happen catches them unaware, unguarded without a plan and they freeze stuck in time. 

It’s not the best course of action because we all know what could come next in the story

 -we could get run over or, rather the rabbit could.

I’m sure by now the analogy isn’t lost on you, and your resonating. 

When you’re in that place caught in the headlights, you have the chance of being run over. 

Life has changed, often not by your choice and here you are shocked, unidentified and lost in a million different ways, maybe even occasionally relieved comes into it too, and then usually guilt for feeling that way. Pop your feelings in that instant to the side and do what the rabbit does if he is lucky!  

So what could the rabbit do differently?

Well, the thing that the rabbit could have done was the thing if it’s lucky enough it eventually does which is to run off to the side, gather his thoughts, back in safety and craft a new plan. 

It sounds all so simple when you think about it in the terms of a rabbit, headlights, and simply scuttling off to safety for a while. 

In reality, it does boil down to being that simple and the actions of getting to safety, taking stock and making a plan forward( that is the best plan for you), is a good thing to do. 

Heartbreak, loneliness, loss, grief and anger are all emotions that can whack you back down repeatedly and drag you back into the headlights when the proverbial hits the fan and life throws you the unexpected.

When you face these times more than ever it is an opportunity to learn, grow and become a new, brighter, better version of yourself. 

You might have lots to go through and each time you feel dragged into the headlights have a plan of action - a time to reflect, repair in safety to come out with your next step forward. 

Life is about moving forward, taking action, being accountable to yourself to have the life, the outcomes, dreams and goals that you truly desire. 

So when the unexpected or worst-case scenarios happen it is more important than ever to find the you who you want to be, but some times it is also the most confusing because you have usually been so very defined by the thing that has just whacked you over the head with emotion and blinded you with shock. 

We all come through dark times, and we are all way stronger than we believe but, we are all also worth far more than we think we are and in the headlight times in your life make yourself a priority, not an afterthought 

Tell yourself how wonderful you are, don’t let your confidence be defined by a life event or someone else’s opinion of you. Make sure you are your own best friend and surround yourself with love and positivity. 

When things change you have to keep pulling yourself back to safety, taking stock then taking action.

Deep down we know that when life does these things to us that we are being granted a massive opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to shine our light in a different way. 

Having a lack of clarity and a change of purpose can be a real confidence kicker, but if you work with your mindset, I’m not saying it’s easy but it is more than a golden ticket to the next chapter, the next stage and the next level of you. Every time you find yourself in the pits of emotion that aren’t serving you well try to take control of the thoughts by taking a different action. So if for example, you are feeling angry at being where you are, put the anger to the side and use its energy! 

Anger is powerful energy turn it around and work out how you can channel that into proving what you can do and what you are worth and do it for yourself. 

Finding yourself discovering your soul or new purpose is not selfish it’s about living and about making the most of every day and we all owe that to ourselves. 

Key takeaways...

I hope that wherever you are in your life right now, however, lost you feel, or unclear that the path feels that you know three things 

  1. We all feel like this at some point

  2. It’s not selfish to find yourself again, nor is it as hard as you think

  3. There are many people who will love to watch you grow, get rid of the people in your life who don’t  

Much Love  Victoria

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