• Victoria Browne

Limiting Beliefs Don't let them define you!

Remember the quote if you think you can or think you can't you're right.

Life, success and your dreams are exactly driven by that!

I'm not saying that there aren't real reasons for your current beliefs, thinking and actions but to smash through them and step your life into the gear you want it to be in being in alignment with your beliefs and thoughts is imperative.

Your beliefs once started as thoughts, which then tumble down into words, actions, habits, behaviours, values and then your destiny!

Your beliefs highlight your core identity as a person which will have stemmed from your experience of the world, relationships, and the things you repeatedly do.

We don't always assess our beliefs or question how they are having an effect on our lives but if we are bassing our thoughts, habits and behaviour on beliefs that are outdated or holding us back we will repeat patterns and go around in circles and not getting to the place that we want to be within our, lives, businesses or ambition goals.

We have all heard of the term limiting beliefs this is the phrase used when our beliefs stop being of benefit to our wellbeing, happiness and success.

Tell, tell signs of this happening in our lives are...

  • repeating patterns that keep us small

  • having beliefs about ourselves and lives that are not positive

  • Feeling powerless or out of control within our relationships

  • Habits of negative self-talk such as I can't do that.. I'm not good enough

The cost of holding on to these thoughts, beliefs or actions in your life is pretty high!

It can stop you from achieving things, dreaming or daring to be all you can be. I know it isn't always easy to make changes but if you want to step into your Light, become the best version of yourself and have all you want to have in your life you have to!

Steps you can take to start to change your limiting belief are to

  • Identify what your belief is and how it limits you

  • Pinpoint where it may have come from and started and if it once was helpful for you to identify why it no longer serves you to hold that belief

  • Try to identify why you want to change it - what releasing it will mean for you

  • Determine your new replacement belief which will be more positive and enforce the why behind having it that will help you to move forward through having that new belief

  • This is the most important step - reinforce your new belief at every opportunity that you can

What you believe you achieve!

When you hold a belief as a sense of knowing you will be aligned with it.

There is no point in trying to create beliefs that you are not willing to step into and hold as facts as they are simply words that could mean anything!

If you are saying I will be successful in creating a figure business but then your actions and beliefs are centred around lack / being unworthy / a pricing structure that will never get you there you won't create that 6 figure business - you have to align with your belief in all you do!

~One of the biggest lessons I learnt about myself and my journey centred around limiting beliefs I taught myself that I was allowed a certain level of success, happiness, and achievement.

When I got to those levels I would start to feel a sense of fear, not being deserving and I would repeat cycles of sabotaging thoughts, habits and behaviours that meant I would fall back down again and have to climb back up. It was a climb up fall down loop!

The scary thing was it was a cycle that went on for about 3 years!

All of my training in psychologies, therapy, behaviour, my inner connection to self and ambition to be successful to serve others and I had a part of myself that was holding on to a belief that did not serve me in fact it was keeping me small, holding me back and ruining what I could have and who I could truly be.

When I chipped away and boiled it down even further the whole cycle was based on a fear that if I was successful I would be rejected by people who I was close to!!

I shouldn't have been surprised really the journey of my childhood meant that trust, building positive relationships and keeping myself in a protected zone was a mode I was used to operating in but I didn't want to be that person and live that way so it had to change!

It did and it was the best thing I ever committed to doing for myself!

If you would like to change your thoughts, habits and behaviours to lead you into achieving more success in your life I invite you to join my new Facebook group where I will be creating a community of powerful women who are ready to redesign their stories!

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