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Lockdown Anniversary Reflection

Can you believe a year ago today was the first national lockdown?

I'm always a big fan of reflecting in order to reconnect with one's energy and to allow myself to move forward.

The last year in so many ways seems like it has been a long road and in others, it feels such a short sprint ago.

Why it is important to reflect

I teach and advocate that reflection is important because it offers perspective, learning, healing and closure.

The past is gone all we truly have is the present and hope of the future.

But in order to honour what has gone, we have to lean into and embrace how it may have changed us, what it may have taught us, and check if we have become restricted by it in any way. It's so easy to carry things from the past into the future that aren't going to serve us now but may have for the period that we developed that habit, belief or behaviour.

The good - the bad - the ugly

So my past year a brief wander through...

The good - I have been so grateful for lockdown in giving me an amazing opportunity to connect with my family in many ways.

We are a pretty close family anyway but just seeing each other in our other life roles a little behind the scenes of the business owner, employee, and students have given us all different insights into our sometimes varying energy levels, happiness levels and life plans and goals.

We created a little team hub and routine of stopping for lunch together, walks for our daily exercise and even a big brother style diary room where we could have a time out away from others if and when the need arose.

As the kids went back to school the house has definitely got quite and the broadband quicker!!

The bad - for me the first part of lockdown was extremely emotional my grandmother was unwell in hospital and then at home where members of my beautiful extended family cared for her.

Unfortunately the rules meant that I was unable to see her (this stems into the ugly), it absolutely broke my heart when sadly she passed on the 26th April I felt a loss like no other I have in my life so far - she was just the best person in the world and not being able to say goodbye you can imagine.

I know over the last year so many have lost so much and my heart goes out to everyone who is in a situation similar to mine, many have lost multiple people, job roles and even their sense of identity as life has changed around them. Give yourself kindness and compassion to heal wherever you are on your journey with that!

The ugly - well the ugly for me was after I lost my gran I lost a little of myself and my identity as a person. I think this is a natural part of grief and I remember before lockdown back in October 2019 having similar feelings when my Grandad had passed. It wasn't until I took the time to reflect though that I recognised that pattern.

It gave me the strength to honour, accept my feelings and then start to take the opportunity to redefine myself in a more positive way.

Another part of the ugly was the changes within my business, the first lockdown I had a sudden dip in clients, people became worried about money for a while, then it seemed that because people were spending more time in their own energy more consciously I became in demand and took on more than I could consistently cope with wanting to help everyone.

I have managed to find that sweet spot again now and am working with some beautiful people to change their habits, beliefs and behaviours so they can embrace the successes they want to have in their lives and I would say stepping back to the good my business is certainly more where I want it to be now than ever - lockdown gave me the space to create my vision for 5 years time into reality now!

A year on from the first lockdown politics and illness affects aside I think the Covid impact has given so many people this rollercoaster of emotional experiences which have been character-defining and highlighted the importance of now. I for one overall am grateful for much of what it has taught me about myself, my life and the connection it has given me to my little family.

It has also given me more passion in the work I do and the need to share with clients how they can change that which no longer serves them.

Embrace - now- being present - achieving the success we want - now - living the life we dream of now - and being the person we want to be - now -

It's a vital to key learning. In the words of Buddha “The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There's only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment”

My blog about limiting self-beliefs ties nicely into this subject check it out here if you feel on reflection that you may need to change your core beliefs to ones that can serve you more!

When you reflect you can gain perspective, in looking back trying to look back without emotion can be hard but is worth giving a try to truly see from the outside in!

Blessings Victoria

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