Victoria offers Tailor Made & Bespoke 

 Therapy  Services


Victoria is a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Supervisor,  Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and Counselling & Psychotherapy Practitioner 


She is also a Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor, Certified Life Coach and Nutritional Therapist along with 9 other mind and body therapies

Victoria draws upon her 15 years' of experience to help you to completely transform your thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours making change not only possible but lasting! 

When you come to see Victoria you will always be met with a positive and caring attitude.

Victoria has grown her business to help people be the best they can. She truly helps you to get the things that you want out of life.

Victoria has a passion for the therapies she delivers and as a senior practitioner and trainer, she is always up to date with the latest techniques to get the best for you! 

Each client is treated with care and to their own needs.

A specialist in use and relationship disorders with alcohol and food Victoria works to create new habits, boundaries and emotions with clients who are ready to make changes to their actions, thoughts and behaviours.

Victoria also offers services to supporters and family of those with alcohol and food use disorders present and historical to help them to move forward in life to setting more positive boundaries & relationships with people and experiences. 

Victoria also works with a lot of mid to high-level career women who are going through changes within their lives but they have lost their way and themselves. 

Change happens a bit at a time  So take the first step today! 

Sessions are recommended to follow the Step into your Truth & Light programme and lat 6-8 weeks depending on your individual needs 

 1-1 in-person and online via Video Call

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